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Sunday, July 3, 2022

What's your Ideal Startup Conference?

We’re busy in Tallinn again today for the Latitude59, and it’s gotten us thinking about the next Arctic15, our conference. We’ve been asked a few times if we’re holding it again in the Fall, and to put everyone in the loop, we decided to throw it Spring 2014 at the earliest. Since ArcticStartup transitioned, we’ve been interested in pursuing more scalable monetization paths, and a conference is a ton of work to pull off.

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That being said, it’s fun to run a show and bring together what we feel are the important things happening in entrepreneurship in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We’ll still use Helsinki as our home base, and it would be good to differentiate ourselves from Slush, Startup Sauna’s crazy 3,000 person conference, which we hear will be bigger and better this year.

Slush is doing an awesome job making a ton of noise about the region, so how should we tailor our conference to make the region as awesome as possible?

When you go to conferences, what do you try to get out of them? And how do you think a conference could be set up to best facilitate your goals?

We’ve got our own ideas about what to do, but it’s also good to pull opinions from our readers. So feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments section (or privately by emailing us at editor(åt)arcticstartup.com

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