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Monday, June 27, 2022

TruthFeed, Now With A Few New Features

Experience sharing social startup, TruthFeed made entry to help users make better decisions as well as share their experience with a global audience. TruthFeed is easy to use, helps you with making the correct choices or decisions and it has made some updates. We covered the company earlier in this post.

The startup made a couple of improvements to its service, namely the Twitter bot and the History Development.  The whole idea is to better analyze user interaction as well learning more about how users are utilizing the service. The Twitter Bot for instance fetches relevant data to the TruthFeed platform, searching for more information on topics that already exist.

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It currently fetches around 3,000 experience a week. I think having as much data available as possible proves beneficial to any service, especially for the likes of TruthFeed. The reason being more data means there is more for users to take advantage of in making the right choices.

The Historical development is more like trending topics that enables users to see what the audience thinks about a particular experience or topic on the site. It is in essence a broader view into the opinions of many people. You’re also able to see how thoughts develop over time, below is an example into this with the help of Mark Zuckerberg as the topic.

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