HappyOrNot: Instant Satisfaction Information Is Just A Click Away

    HappyorNotA dissatisfied customer is the worst worry for any firm, which is why many companies or brands are willing to spend endlessly to ensure each customer is happy. The question is how you monitor whether the customers are satisfied or not? Leave comment cards or drop boxes? Quite ancient in my opinion and often many don’t have the time and convenience to put their thoughts to paper. Step in HappyOrNot, that sticks to simplicity; a smiley that says everything.

    The Finland based company provides consumers with a metering device that can be placed at any PoE and act as a customer satisfaction meter. The piece of hardware has 2 to 4 buttons that display four smileys that translate to the level of satisfaction of the customers. The point is there is no need to manually record your experience or for the owners to skim through loads of comment cards to monitor how happy their customers are.


    HappyOrNot’s way of getting this done has quite a lot of advantages a few of these include:

    • Efficient and quick, owners can view reports on an hourly basis.
    • Sales Management: The data flow is continuous, you are therefore aware of how well you are doing with customers.
    • Environment friendly: Say goodbye to wasting loads of paper to record comments.
    • Mobile: You can move it around to any PoE as per your needs.
    • Anonymity: Customers can simply get to the point; that of recording their feedback without the need to add any information about themselves.

    The idea is not just confined to customers or for brands. The same hardware and concept can be leveraged by employers alike. You can place the meters at any selected spot or spots to get instant feedback from the employees on their satisfaction level for a particular service at the workplace.

    What HappyOrNot is actually doing is automating the feedback procedure and making it quicker to analyze and compile data from. With this happening fairly frequently, one saves a lot of time at addressing the key issues and hence improve the overall experience.

    The devices are already in use in certain areas of Helsinki.