TrackDuck gets ready to soar

    Sometimes there are companies that we have briefly mentioned in some of our articles but did not give them the full attention that they deserve. Whenever we can, we try to bring those out and today we wanted to talk about TrackDuck, a startup for visual feedback on your website, project or even mockups.

    They deserve our attention not only because of their product but also because they truly show the Nordic/Baltic startup roots as they first met at the Estonian-founded hackathon Garage48, that was taking place in Minsk at the time. Their team consists of Belorussians, Lithuanians & Ukrainians. TrackDuck also participated in the Startup Sauna accelerator program in Finland, where they registered the company.

    The original idea stems from one of the problems that their co-founder was having when working with clients. As a Belorussian working in Lithuania he didn’t know enough of the language to communicate with clients very well. To they created a visual feedback tool, where clients could express the opinions visually just by clicking around.

    So with that idea, they won the hackathon in Minsk, the next day went to the Startup Sauna warm up event, got in. Within a week they quit their day jobs and started working on Trackduck full time.

    During their time at Startup Sauna, the team received a 10,000 EUR investment from Startup Sauna as well as a 20,000 EUR bridge loan from Finnvera and launched the product.

    Without much marketing, they got 500 pilot customers and tested Trackduck in over 28 web agencies. However that was not enough for the team and they rewrote the whole thing from scratch.

    With the redesigned product, they wish to grow the company by hiring sales agents. Trackduck is surprisingly easy to leave feedback with and actually kind-of fun because you have the freedom to select and comment on everything.

    As Edmundas Balcikonis, the CEO and co-founder told us: “Even for us, we were working on Trackduck, using Trackduck to make Trackduck better. It speeds up development even when you are sitting right next to each other.”

    The add-on does not limit the file size, the amount of images. You simply send a link to your clients and get instant feedback.

    Today, they are getting closer to 800 users, have paying customers, launching a plugin for Wix, and are getting ready to scale. Way to go ducks!