ZeeDo Crowdfunding for Interactive brand games for Outdoor Advertisements

    Advertising is everywhere in our cities, but what type of reaction does it give the average passer-by? Finnish startup ZeeDo aims to get people engaging with outdoor ads by gamifying them through smartphones and has thrown their pitch up on Fundedbyme to raise a goal of €150,000.

    The way the concept works is that a user would see an outdoor advertisement and then point their mobile device at the advert through the ZeeDo app. Using image recognition technology, the app would recognize the advertisement’s associated brand game and give them fun tasks to compete through the app to get a discount, or other reward.

    The games are fairly open-ended for brands to build, such as “find three posters from the same brand” to receive a discount voucher, or interactive games along those lines. For advertisers, they should see more engagement with their ads and see better metrics to measure outdoor advertising campaigns better than just an estimated number of people that walk by. To work with these advertisers the company is in talks with outdoor advertising giants as the polish up the app and concept.

    “A lot of ads in the media agencies are looking for new kind of solutions. why we chose outdoor advertising as the first thing to change,” says co-founder Peter Green.

    Those around Finland’s startup scene may have heard of ZeeDo before, considering the project was started in 2011. Founders Peter Green, Ismo Rantala and Tapio Hämeen-Anttila put the concept together back then, but didn’t have time to take the idea forward considering Rantala was busy with Nest New York – the New York based Accelerator for Finnish and Russian startups, and with Hämeen-Anttila still busy finishing operational projects at Nokia.

    The company is currently fundraising on the Stockholm-based crowdfunding platform, FundedByMe. With 6 days left the company has raised 7% of the funds they’re seeking, or €11,750 of their €150,000 goal. “We have had amazing discussions with interesting people says Peter Green, the CEO and co-founder of Zee.do on the crowdfunding round.

    With the funding they say they will continue to develop the current prototype into a production-ready and globally scalable service.