The Walking Dead is coming from Finland

    Shambling out of the darkness, moaning in creeping horror as it steps in to the light, comes the announcement of a new mobile game based on The Walking Dead TV series from US television network AMC. Next Games, based in Helsinki, Finland, and developers of the game, are celebrating the news by publishing the first promotional trailer which you’ll find after the jump.

    The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is due for release early next year alongside the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead Season 5. We are told that this game will bring gameplay exclusively developed for smartphones and tablet devices, which is nice. While the trailer does not include any in-game footage Next Games says we can expect themes familiar to the TV series. You know, the usual fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic, zombie filled world.

    It will be interesting to see how many ideas Next Games takes from Telltale Games award winning series of videogames based on The Walking Dead. Their adventure games developed for computer and consoles have been hugely popular, and similar to that series, we are told that this new mobile game will have a recurring theme of choosing the right survival strategy and making humane choices .

    “Our approach is to stay true to the main themes of the TV show: survival strategy, finding safety for your people, balancing between right and wrong and, of course, action when it comes to fighting against the hordes of walkers. We respect the creators of The Walking Dead immensely and want this game to portray the world they have created as closely as possible,” said Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO, Next Games.

    Next Games was founded by veterans from Rovio, Supercell and Disney, which probably won’t surprise anyone who keeps an eye on the games development sector in Finland. Just like most Finnish startups seem to have a founder or core employee with Nokia on their CV, these days it seems like every new games developer, especially a mobile one, has previously worked at Rovio. Along with this franchise based game, we are told they are also working on another title based on its own IP.