Ever wish your Android device had more buttons? Check out Dimple

When we buy our new smartphone, we usually compare several models matching our desired characteristics. Then we spend some time browsing user reviews, talking to people using the gadgets, get our hands on some physical devices to play around with and finally make our choice. However, if you are like most of us, a week, a month or sometimes even years later you end up with a feature you absolutely love but that is ridiculously inconvenient to access.

If you could only create a shortcut to activate this particular feature instead of having to go through countless menus and settings every time… Well, it turns out that with Dimple – you can.

Dimple is a neat NFC-enabled sticker with two or four buttons that allows you to bring virtually any of your smartphone’s features right at your fingertips. To make it easier to use the product with a phone case, Dimple is also about to release Dimple-compatible cases. Potential users posting on company’s facebook page seem to be excited about the new product.

According to their website, Dimple works with most NFC-enabled Android devices that don’t have a metal case (this excludes HTC One M7 & M8) and is also compatible with Blackberry using a third-party app. The company does not have plans to expand compatibility to other platforms, primarily due to the platform limitations. They do, however, promise to have some other cool product ideas up their sleeve, some of which will be iOS compatible.

Dimple was founded in October 2013 in Riga by a team of three dedicated Latvians – Richard (previous founder of Kinleaves, claims to do everything from janitor to antenna engineering), Elviss (Senior Java wizard) and  Kristaps (UI/UX). Since then, the startup has quickly grown to receive support from Riga city municipality program Atsperiens, establish a representation shop in Delaware, US and launch on Indiegogo to fund their production.

Dimple’s successful crowdfunding campaign closed on June 30 raising more than double of their pledged goal. Currently, the team is busy starting the manufacturing process. As you read this, the final laser cutter is about to arrive to Latvia, where the first Dimples will be produced and shipped to their customers already in early September.

Marija Odineca is passionate about Baltic startup scene, visiting interesting Baltic startups and gathering their stories. She also coordinates the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Latvia.