The Viking StartupBus Hacks Their Way To LeWeb

Need cheap tickets and a ride to LeWeb? The Viking StartupBus is looking for hackathon extraordinaires with competencies in development, design, or marketing to apply for their rolling hackathon. People accepted on the bus will get a 75% discount on LeWeb tickets, the chance to meet cool people, and get an opportunity to pitch on stage at LeWeb. And rather staring at the cubicle wall in front of you, you’ll see Europe fly by your window before making your way down to Paris. And not only will you hack together with fellow Scandinavians – you will defend the Nordic startup pride against other flourishing startup communities from the UK, Spain, Germany and France.

After creating the most hype out to 14 other countries that applied in Europe, Denmark was able to get access to the StartupBus. But rather than hogging it all to themselves, they decided to make a Scandinavian detour before heading down to Paris. WiFi hotspots will be provided on the bus, and sleepovers will be arranged.

The route map isn’t set in stone yet, but the general direction is to start in Copenhagen on November 30th, and from their move down through Germany, Netherlands and France.

In Cologne, Germany, where the bus will meet up with the German StartupBus and do a head-to head competition for the semifinals. From this point, everyone will head to Paris for LeWeb, where the highest ranked teams from all the startup buses will pitch.

After LeWeb, the winner of the Viking StartupBus is invited to come to Nordic Startups Final in Copenhagen, to pitch their product at the much anticipated award show.

To apply you need you need to be the best of your bread! Tweet the love, and ping Søren Therkelsen at @sorenrt for invites.