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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Web Of Trust Invited Into Facebook's AV Marketplace

Web Of Trust, the crowdsourced safe-surfing tool, has announced today that Facebook has invited the Helsinki-based service into it’s Anti-Virus marketplace. Now Facebook users can download the browser add-on for free from the Facebook Security page.

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Rather than preventing viruses from a purely technological analysis, Web Of Trust helps users stay safe online by using the crowd to rate the trustworthiness of the links they’ve clicked. Using this crowdsourced information, WOT displays traffic lights next to links that show the trustworthiness of the link, protecting users from questionable content, dubious online stores, unreliable vendors, and so on.

“We have been proud partners with Web of Trust for the past year and a half, and are excited to announce a new stage of that partnership to keep our users and their data safe. Not only will Facebook users continue to benefit from WOT’s reputation warnings when clicking potentially malicious links but also will be able to download their browser add-on for protection no matter where they are on the web,” said Joe Sullivan, CSO of Facebook.

More general information can be found on the post on Facebook’s security page describing WOT.

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