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The Baltic States: The New Hotspot of Tools for Developers & Designers

Editor’s note: This post is by Edmundas Balčikonis, CEO of Trackduck

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Don’t let be fooled by sweeping generalisations that the Baltic region is only famous for talented, educated programmers and Skype. State of the art SaaS startups are originating and growing in the Baltic States making the region a hot-spot of tools focusing on web/mobile development and design. Here is a list to prove that.

Tools for website builders


XtGem from – a visual mobile site building tool that enables you to build a mobile website using only your cell phone in minutes. You neither need to be a programmer nor to have any programming tools but with XtGem you can create fully-featured, completely-customizable mobile sites. The tool has millions of users being very popular in Asian market.

Their recent improvement allows users to build forums and community sites.
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Is an open-source PHP framework with a content editor. That’s the short and sweet of it. With ImpressPages programmers are able to code websites using a variety of pre-built features whereas copywriters. Content managers can edit content and see changes instantly by dragging and dropping widgets in order to set an exact page that one wants.

Find out more about ImpressPages in Sitepoint.
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Voog is a platform for creating websites that are first responsive and secondly can have new languages can be added anytime. Also, Voog promises that it will be easy to create websites with Voog editor and that they will work on mobile, tablet and desktop screens just flawlessly.

Just several months ago Voog got a gold and a silver for the design of their website and app at the Estonian Design Awards and recently has introduced a big new feature, a search engine.
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Tools for designers


Infogr.am is a tool to bring your data visualisation to the best – to make beautiful infographcis and charts and is also one of the most promising startups in Latvia. You only have to pick a template, customize it, add data and publish.

In addition, Infogr.am has recently acquired Visualoop, a Brazil-based blog covering topics of data visualization in order to spread a word about visualising data and expand its user base.
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Froont is a tool to create responsive web designs, or as the company describes itself, a GitHub, just for designers. You can deliver fully working code without writing it and take elements from other pages to build one of yours. With Froont your website design will never be static anymore.
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A bookmarking tool that allows to collect all kinds of content by dragging and dropping images, links, selected text, etc. to your selected private folders or post directly on social media. Also you can share the collected items by link or invite colleagues to your folders to work on projects, boards and more. To add, you can access the files on any device and everywhere you are as data is stored in the cloud.

To add, Dragdis has been recognised as one of the best extensions for Chrome browser by TNW.
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Mobile apps


Adduplex is a cross-promotion network specifically targeted at Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps and games. It works like this – you serve ads of other apps on your app and they serve an ad of your app in return. This way you utilize your advertising space to the fullest so even when you are not making money from the other ad network you get free promotion for your app.

Adduplex is a leading advertising app intended for Windows phone app market that has found its place in the beginning of Windows phone marketplace and now is featured around the world as an expert in field by Microsoft.

To add, each month AdDuplex organises The Special Challenge of The Month awarding winners with Windows Phones.
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The name of the startup already implies the exact target audience. Devtodev offers a choice of tools for an in-depth user behaviour analysis, acquisition, retention and then monetization for mobile app developers. The tools can satisfy needs of either the smallest to the biggest clients and support all major mobile platforms.
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Kula Tech

Kula Tech is a new service that converts your news site or a blog into a mobile app. What you need to do is to manage your app and content in Kula Tech content management system and enjoy your new mobile app.
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Project management tools


Is a representative of project management tools. Use Eylean to track time, organize team and delegate assignments in scrum or kanban boards. If such names as Tesla and bp trust Eylean, then you might want too.
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Is a simplified web-based resource allocation software. If you want to see how and what is your team doing visually, as well as manage and schedule tasks, then Ganttic is for you. The tool focuses on colours and visuality making it easy to establish order and efficiency in resource management.
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A time tracking tool that actually shows you where you spent your time. Record time and tag time entries with names or descriptions. Don’t worry to forget to start or finish counting since you can setup a manual mode and record time worked. To add, you can get summaries of what tasks have consumed your time in a form of a variety of visuals.
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Toggl is looking for new people to join their team.

Tools for developers


Browserbite is an automatic cross-browser testing tool which tests websites for issues, but most importantly does the comparison for you and presents results in an easy-to-understand manner. Instead of comparing naked screenshots, it highlights the target areas in red using your own browser as a baseline.
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About the Author:

TrackDuck is a visual feedback tool for web developers and designers that allows to leave comments directly on any format of images or on any stage of development websites. Comments may be complemented with screenshots and attached files. Also, anonymous feedback widget allows any visitors of your website leave comments anywhere they want that only you will see. On top of that, TrackDuck integrates with Jira, Trello, Slack and a lot more. Follow it on AngelList & Twitter.

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