Hailing a taxi isn't the only way to travel – Cabforce sees success with Pre-booked

    The tech world is all hyped up about hailing a cab these days, but that’s not the only angle to taxi travel. Helsinki-based Cabforce’s service is all about plugging you into on-the-ground taxi travel with the rest of your travel plans.

    Think about the last time you booked a work trip – you got your flights and hotel in one booking, but you likely picked up a taxi on the fly. You know you’ve got to take a taxi from your house to the airport and then to the hotel, so why not figure that out on one bill, and have a driver waiting for you rather than see that the next Uber driver is 20 minutes away?

    Cabforce works as a standalone taxi booking service that let’s you see the fare you’ll pay before you book a ride in advance, but their power is in the relationships they’ve made through professional booking tools like Amadeus, where corporate travelers and travel agents can add taxis easily to their itinerary. And to hit a wider audience they’re now plugged into airline checkout processes as a “one stop shop” with Finnair and their newly announced SAS partnership, with more airlines are said to be in process.

    Cabforce now has a network of taxi supply companies in over 35 countries and after being plugged in with major players like Amadeus, they’ve somewhat become the standard for the door-to-door booking space. “We have ploughed in enormous amounts of time, effort and expertise during the years to build our technology platform and test the service with early adopter customers,” says Andreas Hansson, CEO of Cabforce.

    Moving forward Cabforce is leveraging their network to plug into more and more partners, like SAS, who see Cabforce as a value-add to their customers, and provides them with a way to get a little more revenue out of each booking.