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The Bad And The Ugly: Entrepreneurship In Europe and In Northern Europe

Euro visionThis is one of those issues that is always topical and never gets a clear answer. Why do we comparatively suck so bad at building companies in Europe and especially here in the arctic latitudes vis-a-vis our cousins in the US. In the age of the Internet and ‘born global’ it has to be more than the size of the home market. Now, I’m not saying things have to be that way, nor am I saying that things are not changing. They are and we, but to what extent and what is it exactly that we need to change?

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Here’s a video of a group of prominent European and US entrepreneurs arguing around the topic. The one just below is from this year’s LeWeb and the one below that from 2008 (when we took the Sauna Truck to France with a group of Finnish startups). Both videos are insightful, but even more than that they are entertaining. Make sure not to miss these.

The third video is Mårten Mickos‘ brilliant talk about entrepreneurship in general and entrepreneurship in Finland in particular from last night at Aalto Entrepreneurs Society gathering. The talk is a must see for every single entrepreneur regardless of the continent they are building their startup in, but it also sheds light into the cultural challenges that are in the way of building world’s biggest anything.

Aaltoes Talk with Mårten Mickos from Aaltoes on Vimeo.

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