MHG Bioenergy ERP Rules & Monitors The Complex Biomass Supply Chain

    MHG NokiaGlobal plans to increase the amount of renewable energy will boost the growth of the biomass industry in the coming years. MHG System has developed an open and real-time enterprise resource planning system for biomass/forest energy management.  It is a tool targeted at the management and optimization of the complex biomass supply chain. The system is designed for fuel suppliers, energy utilities and related harvesting,chipping & transport contractors and subcontractors.

    The solution, MHG Bioenergy ERP service and map service solution, was commercialized in 2008. The service can be used via a web browser or mobile dvices. Customer solutions are created from MHG’s ERP independend building blocks and delivered as a turnkey solutions – or the service can be used on an ASP basis.  The key competitive edge of the ERP tool is based on feed stock quality but it also allows customers to monitor moisture and energy content with a novel technology.

    Globally, the demand for biofuels is expected to reach €100b by 2020. I had a chat with Managing Director Seppo Huurinainen yesterday and the first few agreements have been signed very recently. He sees Canada and the US as the most interesting market areas for MHG Bioenergy ERP right now. China and Russia will follow in 2011-12.

    MHG Systems was founded in 2005 and is based in Mikkeli.  It employs ten people and aims to close its first round in 2010.