Swedish STD Triage App Launches On Android

    Got a skin problem? iDoc24 is a teledermatology startup from Sweden with a few apps that allow users to send anonymously pictures of worrying skin conditions to a team of licensed dermatologists and get a response within a day. After several years of being available on the web and the App store, today iDoc24 launched their latest app STD Triage on Android. The name of the app speaks for itself – it helps anxious users get the dermatologist’s advice on their possible STD symptoms by sending completely anonymous pictures of their private parts.

    Since 2008, the startup has grown from the Sweden-based service into a global healthcare platform available in five languages. After STD Triage US launch on iOS in March 2013 the company now offers three different services and thus approaches global healthcare market on multiple fronts.Their first service iDoc24 allows anyone to consult dermatologists about various skin problems like rash or moles.

    Releasing the STD Triage app was a natural step for the startup given that 30% of all cases sent by users to their platform concern problems below the belt. To break into the market, iDoc24 partners up with STD sites and clinics.

    “We offer a service that stands in between Google search and a visit to a dermatologist”. To be on a safe side in the risky game called healthcare, iDoc24 CEO Alexander Börve emphasizes that the service is not intended as a substitute for a doctor’s visit. Neither do they position themselves as a diagnostic service. They consider themselves a screening tool which gives better key words to search than Google and in fact connects users with real experts in dermatology who are qualified to provide first advice on the next steps to deal with a skin problem.

    The iDoc24 app is free to download, but consultation with a dermatologist will cost you $40. The company currently receives 100 cases per week from those who think that a quick answer to quell their anxiety is worth this fee.

    To disrupt a B2B sector of the digital healthcare market, they offer iDoc24 PRO app, a solution that enables family doctors, clinics and pharmacies to communicate remotely with the global network of dermatologists. Börve adds that iDoc24 PRO is a great complement for a family doctor who needs a fast and effective tool to communicate with a dermatologist about difficult cases.

    Digital health care space has recently generated many startups like Medicinera.se, NurseBuddy, HealthPuzzle as this road may lead to healthcare institutions’ finances and wallets of smartphone users who seem to be willing to pay when it comes to health concerns especially such a sensitive topic as STD.

    Penetrating the US market with STD app is indeed a bold step, however the startup has no illusions that the path will be easy. They are equally aware of the fact that they will have to push hard to become reliable in the eyes of the American smartphone users. On the other hand, they know their assets compared to their US competitors like Direct Dermatology: iDoc24 offers anonymity to users and simple working business model for investors. It is interesting to see what change Android launch will bring to their metrics.