Swedish Lunch.Co raises €500k in pre-see round for its peer-to-peer lunch app across Nordic offices

Swedish food marketplace platform Lunch.Co announced raising a €500k pre-seed round. The round was led by VEQ, with co-investors Antler and Rockstart. The startup is aiming to use funds to provide new and exciting ‘Food at Work’ experiences in leading companies in the Nordic region following a mass return to offices for hybrid working following the relaxation of pandemic restrictions.

The company founded in 2019 is a marketplace platform supported by their app. It allows colleagues to share their home-cooked meals with each other. Lunch.Co is putting a strong focus on  building positive social impact and sustainability. Viktor Gällström, Founding Partner at VEQ added:We are very excited to partner with the excellent team behind Lunch.Co. We were impressed by the founders’ vast experience from the food sector and we see enormous potential in this new and innovative vertical of the sharing economy.

“We want to change the world by making peer-to-peer food and Lunch.Co a new normal way of eating food at work. Just as you would either bring your own packed lunch into work yourself or buy food from a restaurant, café or supermarket, we want the act of buying and sharing your lunch from your colleagues to be just as normal an option and much more fun, smart, and attractive in practice.”

Aleksey Nikulin, CEO and Co-founder, Lunch.Co