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Bootstrapped CPQ vendor from Sweden vloxq wins SaaSiest 2021

vloxq, a Swedish company founded in late 2020 that simplifies and  automates how their customers create quotes and proposals, today announces that they  have won “SaaSiest Startup in the Nordics” during SaaSiest 2021. They were elected the  winner in the final that also featured fellow SaaS startups Foodrunners, Quickchannel and  Canned.me. The jury consisted of entrepreneur Josef Falleson from Vaam and prominent  investors Mangus B. Willumsen from Viking Ventures, Ingrid Bonde Akerlind from Oxx and  Sami Ahvenniemi from Vendep Capital. 

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vloxq was unanimously voted the winner after the pitch delivered by Co-founder and Chief  Revenue Officer Wilma Eriksson. Josef Fallesson shares the jury’s motivation; “A crisp pitch  combined with good answers. From our understanding, a laser focus on the value they  provide to their target customers. They have a team with solid backgrounds from other  successful SaaS companies.  

“This award really means a lot to our team, and it will establish us as a trusted player in the  CPQ market. Our goal is to be the number one CPQ vendor in Europe and getting  international recognition outside of Sweden this early will surely help us get there faster” “Also, our team has known that we provide a lot of value for  our customers since day one. We are happy to share our metrics with everyone else to  prove our initial traction.”. 

Emil Westrin CEO of vloxq.



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