Swedish horse tech startup Ridesum raises 900,000 euros

Swedish equestrian training app and collaboration platform Ridesum, whish has users in 80 countries, said it has raised 900,000 euros from private investors, Zenith Group and Hööks Hästsport to accelerate growth, expansion and continue to develop the product.

We see great advantages in collaborations and synergies between the companies and now we take another step into the digital world and strengthen Ridesum in their journey and our position as a leader in equestrian sports.

Joachim Höök, CEO of Hööks

In Ridesum, riders can connect with more than 1,600 international trainers and experts within a wide range of disciplines, skills and levels. The live video training can be used in a variety of situations, such as having a dressage or jumping lessons or receiving coaching from trainer during warm-up on competitions. Mental coaching is also available, as well as advice in how to feed your horse from an equine nutritionist through a video session.

The fact that Hööks comes in as owners of Ridesum means that we jointly develop the sport by making training and smart products available to everyone. Hööks contributes with deep knowledge and a wide network in the equestrian sport.

Jenny Stråhle, CEO of Ridesum