Swedish deeptech IP startup IamIP raises funding

Cloud-based IP (intellectual property) solutions provider IamIP said it has raised an investment from Black Pearls VC without defining any details of the investment round.

The intellectual property industry is plagued by complexity with over 3.3 million new patents filed every year, and over €17 billion is lost in double work in R&D in Europe alone, IamIP said, adding its platform enables technology-based companies to overview and evaluate their intellectual property portfolios, monitor competition, and get valuable strategic insights.

IamIP was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and grew rapidly in Scandinavia, then in the German-speaking markets (DACH). The company has also established its office in Szczecin, currently recruiting R&D and IT specialists.

“We believe that the market of intellectual property software is ripe for disruption. By offering best-in-class software for patent search and patent management focusing on fostering more collaboration among its clients, IamIP is very well positioned to become a leader in this space.

Aleksander Dobrzyniecki, Partner at Black Pearls VC

“Also, our investment in IamIP fits perfectly into our investment thesis: the company has a world-class team with a strong deep tech background, which is one of IamIP’s biggest assets. Moreover, the company addresses one of the last few paper-based and manually handled industries – the complex intellectual property market,” Dobrzyniecki said in a statement.