Want to live longer? Take up the challenge of this Riga VC fund

Riga-based 35 million euro longevity-focused venture capital fund LongeVC launched an in-house acceleration programme for professionals with education and work experience in the biotech industry, aiming to create high-quality startup teams.

“The venture capital fund LongeVC has created its own accelerator. This means that from time to time LongeVC will define verticals that we see the biggest potential in.”

LongeVC venture capital fund partner Sergey Jakimov

Applications will be selected on a rolling basis. Applicants should fill in a form on the LongeVC website to prove their expertise in the field.

“Our team believes that the next longevity unicorn can be built from the ground up. “

LongeVC venture capital fund partner Sergey Jakimov

LongeVC regularly identifies a promising technological area, which, in our mind, will grow significantly in coming years. We also believe that outstanding individuals can be united into teams to work on building groundbreaking products and technologies in these areas. We, therefore, encourage individual founders with a biotech background to apply, sharing their ideas around a proposed tech area,” said Jakimov.

LongeVC is targeting seed-stage and pre-A funding round companies, focusing on companies working with solutions in longevity and biotechnology.

LongeVC is collaborating with anti-aging pioneer, one of the most renowned gerontologists Aubrey De Grey, founder of Deep Longevity, Inc. and Adjunct Professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging Alex Zhavoronkov.