Sweden Tops List Of Android App Downloads Per User

According to estimates by research2guidance, a Berlin-based mobile research specialist, Sweden has the most app downloads per user in the Android store. While the U.S. has the most Android users by volume, this data may suggest that Sweden is a good proving ground for apps.

With an average of more than 5 downloads per Android user per month, usage patterns in Sweden reflects a high interest in apps. The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Spain follow slightly behind, all averaging above 4 apps per user per month. This is well above the US average, which is slightly above 2. You can see in the following graph where the rest of the Nordic countries fall:

Norwegian and Danish Android users download just around two apps per month, while Finnish users stick to their one and a half new downloads. While the U.S. lies in about the middle of the list, it’s important to point out it also takes up about 50% of the Android app market. We’ll still give you mobile developers out there an excuse– if your app is having trouble getting downloads outside of Sweden, blame it on demographics.