Stockholm: Demo Day of 500 Startups & SUP46

Yesterday, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, a group of startup people and investors gathered to the new premises of Startup Hub SUP46 in the central Stockholm for a demo day. It showcased post-seed startups from the latest 500 Nordics Distro Dojo program batch and from SUP46.

Sean Percival, 500 Nordics General Partner who recently announced his departure from 500 Startups, did one of his last duties for the company by hosting the session. 500 Startups co-founder Dave McClure was also present and thanked Sean and Stina Liland Nysæther, the program manager, for their work. Dave also mentioned about the open position to fill the gap Sean’s departure leaves. They are looking for some Viking blood, so if you feel you are the right person, go ahead and apply!


First on stage went companies from

500 Nordics

Goo Technologies

The Goo Engine is a web-based 3D engine (WebGL/HTML5) for games and visualizations. Customers are game publishers but also the retail industry.


Meals from top chefs delivered to your door. A combo of tech in a high user experience and food from some of the best chefs in the country. The end of pizza delivery and the start of well-made, healthy meals available to everyone by a click on your phone.

Content Central

Content Central is a channel for distribution of editorial content – from content creators (freelance journalists) to a large amount of media channels (newspapers, magazines, alt-weeklies). It offers media clients a wide range of cost effective high-quality editorial content while content creators get maximum profit possible by allowing publishing rights to multiple channels


Create mixtapes & DJ with music from Spotify or iTunes.

Pacemaker is on a mission to make it easy for anyone to creatively engage with the music they love and discover new music to fall in love with. Pacemaker is a user-friendly mix-creation app. Launched for iPad in February 2014 and for iPhone and Apple Watch in April, 2015.


Bitrefill offers one simple web service and API for sending money to prepaid phones all over the world. Our network can reach 4 Billion people, in 150 countries, on 700+ carriers.


Time tracking is a notoriously disliked task for many employees, and Timely is the time tracking app to end time tracking. Timely lets you schedule and log hours, simultaneously. By planning your hours in advance, time tracking will be automatically accounted for.


Flic claims to be the ‘World’s Smartest Button’. Click Flic to control practically any connected service or device such as music, text messages or smart home. Their SDK allows any app to be controlled.


After the coffee break it was time for companies from



Unique Dyslexia screening method using AI and eye-tracking


Detectify is a web security service that simulates automated hacker attacks on your website, detecting critical security issues before real hackers do. With its easy-to-use interface, seamless integrations, and extensive knowledge base, Detectify helps you incorporate security into your workflow and keep your website safe from attackers.


SaaS-solution digitalizing Sustainability management & data

Sportswik AB

A niche social media for sports coverage. The Sportswik app makes it super easy for the community around the teams to shoot pictures, videos, interviews, comment, and live report goals and game events. The Sportswik content engine uses sport specific “Flipboard-style” algorithms to set pictures, headlines, leads etc to give every Sportswik member its own real-time sports magazine feed and every game its own timeline, game facts, picture & video galleries.


3D building models from drones

XMReality AB

World-leading Remote Guidance solution for best-in-class field service. A user is able to, from a remote location, guide another person to execute tasks using AR software and online devices. The guiding person makes a gesture with his hands, use a tool to demonstrate a procedure, or insert graphic pointers that are shown on the follower’s screen to precisely indicate a position of interest.


Monetize your gaming skills. At, dedicated gamers are able to play high-quality matches and tournaments in competitive e-sports for money and prizes. Their mission is to make e-sports the biggest sport in the world. They do this by building an open platform ecosystem that brings together gamers, organizers, influencers and sponsors on top of the best and biggest competitive games

You can find the companies and get introduced to them here:

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