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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Draper picks Funderbeam data 

Draper Venture Network (DVN), an alliance of 10 global VC funds with over 450 portfolio companies and $1.6 billion in assets, has partnered with Funderbeam to make its online portfolio come to life with real-time data.

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“We wanted to go beyond the typical VC website, where a portfolio is merely displayed as a categorised list of logos. Using Funderbeam’s API, our database gets automatically updated with new funding rounds, competitor details, relevant company news, and much more. We’ve started with only a few data points but this can get so much bigger. I think this will set the standard for how VCs track and display their investments going forward,” Gabe Turner, Executive Director of DVN, said in a statement.


The data for marketplace

Funderbeam, which is co-founded by Kaidi Ruusalepp, Villu Arak and Urmas Peiker in 2013, has a global data-intelligence subscription service for startups and investors, and in April it launched the world’s first primary and secondary market for early-stage startup investments, promising to bring liquidity to a market where investors have had to wait years for an exit.

On Funderbeam Markets investors can pool their money across borders to raise capital for startups. And for the first time ever, startup investors can trade their investments on an online aftermarket secured by the blockchain technology.

To date, Funderbeam itself has raised $2 million, mainly from British and Estonian business angels, and Vienna-based 3TS Capital Partners.

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