StartupLocation Puts Your Startup On The Map

    Remember our coverage of Tripbirds? The service is still showing a dummy page with a counter of the distance you and your friends have travelled according to Facebook checkins, but the team recently informed us about a side project that puts your Nordic startup on the map. StartupLocation is just a simple google maps mashup and Twitter aggregator, but there’s value in knowing where your neighbors are. Anyone can add their Nordic startup by going to their website.

    Why is Tripbirds providing this service? Well, they seem to be fairly plugged into the Stockholm startup scene and this maps service seems like a natural extension of their popular infographic map blog post that shows where Stockholm startups are located. Furthermore, StartupLocation creator Jonny Strömberg tells us, “A lot of cities hide a boiling startup scene that too few are aware of. With StartupLocation we’re hoping to change this and at the same time make the local communities stronger. ”

    You can add your startup just by going to their website and plugging in your particulars. Currently Stockholm is the only clickable hub, but they promise to open up Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Reykjavik once they get a few more startups in each city to warrant a map. They define a startup as one full-time employee, but there’s also an option for “up and coming” startups that don’t meet that description.

    Go show off how much VC money you’ve spent on prime real estate and build a local community!