Startup Wise Guys' First Batch Announced

    The list of companies accepted to the first Startup Wise Guys accelerator in Tallinn have been released. Seven eight teams have been accepted, with three from Estonia, and one from Croatia, Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands, and the UK. Techcrunch reports that the accelerator received over 200 applications. The program will begin the 23rd of April and will end with a Demoday June 30th in Tallinn and July 6th in London.

    Here are the teams (plus one startup accepted at the last minute):

    Monolith describes itself as the world’s first augmented advertising machine. They use the starting example of walking down the street and seeing your reflection, but with a beer in your hand.

    Moojoo is a social discovery platform for the unique local lifestyle, curated by your friends and local experts.

    Like a Local GuideEstonia
    These guys seem to be into curated travel guides selected by local editors. They really focus on the local hotspots to get you away from the tourist traps.

    Wellbeing In The CityUK
    This is the first startup I’ve looked at where I’ve had to wonder, “woah, is this actually a cult?” but… it’s not. The startup works on providing balance in users’ lives by building an interactive community will polls and quizzes, and also making it easy to get ebooks and videos on meditation and other techniques that lead you to a more balanced life.

    Monday52Ukraine is a place where you can share your work experience with people you know. We help you choose better career opportunities for yourself and advice others. The startup also assures you that you have full control over what you’re sharing with others.

    WappZapp.TVThe Netherlands
    The site is in Dutch, but Techcrunch says:

    They bring your daily dose of video on the web. By turning your device into your social remote, you can zap videos to any webTV.

    Your personal TV portal. Flipboard meets spotify for video. With WappZapp you zap your way through the best internet video, track your favorite shows and share cool stuff with friends. Best of all, you can turn your iPad or iPhone in to the remote to zap any video to your internet TV.

    WeatherMe is a professional weather forecast and alert service designed for anyone, but with farmers in mind. The service will notify users if the weather reaches a certain condition 2-24 hours in advance. WeatherMe also generates a very accurate weather model specifically for the user. This model has a 1 km detailed resolution which is 9-27 times more accurate than the current model available.

    We covered Weatherme last November, here.

    Edit: One more team has been accepted at the last minute:

    1Knows is your personal eLearning manager which guides you on your life-long learning path. We enhance you as a professional self by taking your uncharted territories of knowledge and help you conquer them in a gamified manner. Based on your interests, 1Knows creates you a learning path. On that path, we combine together free as well as paid-for trainings, lessons and milestones to end up with a better and smarter you. 1Knows targets the contemporary learner to whom developing themselves is a 24/7 activity.