MyNewsDesk Gives Companies A Centralized Newsroom And Promotion Platform

    One Swedish startup we’ve been using (and should have included in our what we use post) is MyNewsDesk. The company provides a platform for companies to publicize their news and share their PR material in a central and obvious location. It makes it easy for journalists to search for the companies and news they’re looking for, as well as follow customized feeds to passively gather news. Most of its hosted companies seem to be from Sweden, but you can see them growing traction in the Nordics and the US as well.

    The most basic area of a company’s MyNewsDesk is the online newsroom. Here journalists can find press contacts, logos and images, and press releases, as well as find links to social media and your blog. Many startups and companies of course host this information themselves on their own press page, but I’ve grown to like it when clicking a “press” link and it takes me to MyNewsDesk. You at least know you’ll find a nice logo or two, a contact person, and be able to easily dig through past updates. Which isn’t a given on every home-made press page.

    MyNewsDesk allows journalists to follow companies and get immediate email updates, but one feature that works well in our flow is adding specific companies’ press release RSS feeds into our reader. For a more general picture of the days news, we also have all the ICT news from the Nordics compiled into reports and emailed our way a couple time a day.

    For companies MyNewsDesk also offers a social media and news tracker, which can help you monitor your brand or industry, and see who your influencers are. The service also compiles reports containing the reach of your press releases, and how journalists are finding your Newsroom.

    The service runs at least €230 a month for a newsroom, going up in roughly €100 steps for more features. A free and basic plan are also available, which give you basic distribution of your press releases, but no “home” to put them in.