Startup Sauna Releases Spring 2013 'Warmup' Schedule

    Espoo-based seed accelerator Startup Sauna has just released their ‘Warmup’ touring schedule to find new teams. Rather than trying to attract startups from western Europe, Sauna is digging into Sweden, Finland, but also farther east through Russia and Eastern Europe to find untapped talent. Teams can also be accepted to Startup Sauna through a standard application, but of course it’s best to try to join them at a Warmup and make a personal impression.

    Here is their tour schedule:

    • Minsk, Belarus – March 4th
    • Kaunas, Lithuania – March 6th
    • Moscow, Russia – March 13th
    • Skolkovo, Russia – March 14th
    • Oulu, Finland – March 20th
    • Zagreb, Croatia – March 26th
    • Malmö, Sweden – April 4th
    • Göteborg, Sweden – April 5th
    • Jyväskylä, Finland – TBA
    • Helsinki, Finland – April 11th

    Startup Sauna receives a large portion of their funding from the Finnish government, but clearly they’re pulling teams from across Europe. Even if only one or two Finnish teams are accepted, Startup Sauna has explained it helps the Finnish startup scene by raising the standards that Finnish companies should look to.

    More information on their tour can be found on their website.