Readmill Expands From The iPad: Adds iPhone App To Mobile Reading Platform

    For some reason we have this conception that e-ink screens are the only way to read books. Yet there are benefits to reading on standard tablets and phones. Appealing to a wider marketplace these readers can better respond to consumers’ needs than occasionally-updated firmware. And besides, we stare at monitors and devices all day, without (much) complaint. Readmill is one such startup that has been going after how we read and share books on the iPad for some time now. Yesterday they announced a long awaited iPhone app for those of us with only an iPhone, or for those situations when you don’t have your iPad handy.

    The newly launched iPhone app will provide essentially the same reading experience as before, and syncs your annotations and bookmarks with your iPad.

    Swedish-born Henrik Berggren co-founder and CEO of Readmill tells TechCrunch this was the most requested feature by their exiting community, making it a natural step of development.

    Berggren, was on stage at our Arctic15 conference last October, and shared with us the history of their Berlin-based company and his vision of creating a social reading space. Users can follow what their friends or tastemakers are reading, as well as share annotations and favorite passages.

    Readmill has received investment from Index Ventures, Passion Capital, and Wellington Partners.

    The app can be found in the App Store.