Startup Jobs: Equity, Pay, Fame And Fortune

    Those who say there are no interesting opportunities in the Nordics clearly don’t know what they are talking about. An ideal place to start the exploration is our job board at This is invaluable destination for those who are not yet confortable setting up their own shop, but want to learn to the ropes with a solid team that already know what they are doing, but still want to be in the eye of the storm.

    Working in a startup is ultimate experience and much more. You are running against time with too little resources, a boat load of passionate people who just absolutely love every little bit of their product, team, people and purpose. And everyday single day is different, very different. How much more fun can one have while still not breaking the law?

    By popular demand, we have enable you to either list a startup job, where you are looking for a certain skill set to join your startup, look for a co-founder for your idea or just leave an open application for startup to join. The best time to start a company is always now and the next best thing is to join one. Nothing to loose and everything to gain. Go!