Finnish Media Landscape Is Starting To Shift. About Time!

We recently argued that Schibsted will give Finnish media companies a run for their money in classifieds and market places. Now Schibsted Classified Media Finland’s CEO, Jussi Lystimäki, tells us that just passed the one million unique visitor water mark last week. This comes from a firm who just opened their Finnish site in December.

Lystimäki further commented that they are adding tens of thousands of products a month. No doubt, this traffic has not been cheap, but it comes to show that that digital marketing is fulfilling its overdue promise and that ROI is superior compared to the traditional channels. If marketing’s focus is moving online, it should also be the media’s.

Finland is not protected from what has been happening in other markets for some time and it’s high time for the Finnish companies to wake up to reality. I might be overly optimistic here, but perhaps they may even start innovating on their own and who knows, maybe we will see quality content emerge beyond classifieds. Never have Finns been as innovative and performed as well as when the crisis has been the deepest. And deep it is.

We will impatiently wait for Alma Media’s and Sanoma’s counter reaction to the Schibsted offensive. There will be one, right?