Spotify Brings Music Streaming To Windows Phone 7 Devices

Today, Spotify is trying to rapidly expand to every platform. The music streaming service has had things moving in the right direction, and the deal with Facebook seems to have supercharged its expansion. Last week Spotify announced the release of the Spotify app for the Windows Phone 7 devices. Big news and another platform to grow with, and there seems to be no stopping for the service.

The application is branded in the stylish WP7 Metro style, and is available for almost all the Windows Phone 7 devices. It has all the major features that every Spotify user would love, including:

  • Search music and play from the Spotify’s catalog of a countless tracks
  • Stream your playlists via WiFi or over the 3G connection
  • Sync on the go, any track you play or add to your playlist is simultaneously available on the mobile device and the computer.
  • Share music from your friends
  • Play your music without being connected to the Internet with offline playlists.

The above features are just off the fingertips and we are sure Spotify has a lot in store for the Windows Phone users. Of course there is some premium subscription that users require to stream music from Spotify’s library but that isn’t too big a price if you are a Music lover (or is it?).

We figured out a few issues highlighted in the comments by the users. The app appears to only available in the US, and users not being able to find the application in the marketplace. Not sure what exactly is the reason behind all that, but bet Spotify is up and solving all those issues.

Love Spotify? Own a Windows Phone? Download Spotify for WP7 from here.