BusyFlow: All Your Productivity Apps In A Single Workspace

    Most of us use an array of web-based apps and services each day to carry out different tasks, but have you ever wondered how much time and effort is wasted switching from one app to another while working on a single project? Lithuanian startup BusyFlow aims to rectify the situation with a service that integrates all your favorite productivity tools into a single workspace.

    BusyFlow is essentially a web-based project management tool, but unlike its all-in-one competitors, BusyFlow gives you the freedom to pick and choose which apps and services to use. Currently the service supports Dropbox, Google Docs/Calendar/Tasks and Pivotal Tracker, but other apps are being added to list as we speak.

    The main idea behind the service is to aggregate the “flow” of information from all your different productivity apps, enabling you to manage a project from one single workspace.

    BusyFlow plans to use a freemium model to finance its operations. Small teams (three users or less) can use the service for free with certain limitations, while larger groups will be charged a monthly fee. Affiliation programs with developers are also planned, but no details have been released on this business model. BusyFlow also aims to act as a hub for app integration with its own API, offering developers an easy gateway for combining their product with another.

    BusyFlow recently placed second overall at Poland’s e-nnovation startup contest. A video of the company’s pitch can be seen below.