Showcasing Turku's Best at ArcticEvening Next Week: Pitching, Talks, Free Beer

    Arctic15: Exit Path still looms high on the horizon as the preparations for our third edition of ArcticStartup’s own conference become ever more frantic. While the main event is just around the corner, it’s time to take an evening off and hit the buzzing Turku region with its lively and diverse startup scene.

    On the 14th May we’ll be meeting in the heart of the city at Boost Turku (Tykistökatu 4 b, Turku) where we’ll have some of Turku’s most interesting startups on stage, sharing why they exists, what they do and how.

    It seems that this time around, this might be not just for the locals. When setting up the event, the Turku community wanted to showcase the best, and as a result, the event has grown into almost a mini conference, so do not miss it, you might consider travelling up to Turku to check the vibe.

    There will be a small pitching competition, and the winner will get a demo stand to Arctic15, where they will get to meet amazing speakers such as Trip Hawkins, founder of EA and Justin Waldron, founder of Zynga. Not to mention a chance to meet the absolute top European VC’s. If you did not get your early bird ticket yet, do it now, only days left until that runs out.

    Don’t forget, we’ll be providing plenty of free snacks and beer to make the networking more fun, as always! Plus we’ll be giving away tickets to Arctic15, so don’t miss it!

    The talks we have lined up for you in Turku are as follows,

    • ‘How to Hack a Conference’, Dmitri Sarle, CEO of ArticStartup
    • ‘Startup as a Family’, Tuomas Vuori, Nordic Venture Family
    • ‘New Age Property Business: Investing in Emotions’, Terhi Raitanen, Teknologiakiinteistöt Oy
    • TBC, Tatu Patronen, SuperAnalytics
    • TBC, Jukka Laakso, Rival Games Oy

    Along with all these wonderful people there will also be an opportunity to hear Mikael Stendahl from Microsoft talk about the Nokia X business opportunity and, a loyalty program for developers.

    At the event you can also learn more about the new Nokia X family which provides users access to the world of Android applications, with exclusive Nokia experiences and the most popular Microsoft services. Nokia Developer offers you tools and support to develop and publish your Android applications in Nokia Store.

    Come and hear more at Boost Turku Startup Farm!

    Go here to reserve your free ticket.

    Image courtesy of Shutterstock // Turku