Coming Home, Join Us For Beer During ArcticEvening Helsinki Next Week

    First we went around the Baltics and had an amazing time meeting the wonderful startup communities in Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga. Then we swung over to visit our Nordic brothers and sisters in Stockholm and Oslo (Copenhagen we haven’t forgotten you, we still plan to visit.) Finally we’re going around Finland, we visited Tampere last week and we’ll be in Turku and Oulu soon. But how could we go to all those wonderful places, see so many awesome people, and not bring the party back to Helsinki? Our home and the host city for Arctic15. Of course we’re going to party here!

    Our simple, popular format remains the same. Listen to a couple of great speakers present briefly, then break out the beer and snacks and let the networking commence. Helsinki is our home and we’re sure we’ll see a lot of our friends come along. We know how strong the lure of free beer can be to Finns so we’ve tried to prepare accordingly, although like a biblical plague of locusts, who knows if anything will be left in the morning. Just don’t forget to register at the bottom of the page.

    For the location, we are working with a brand new co-working and event space Hub13 located at a very central location: Kaisaniemenkatu 13 A. Currently it is situated on the 8th floor, but will relocate to the second floor of the same building during the summer. We have seen what they are building, and you should not miss out and come check it out.

    Partnering with us for the event are Microsoft who will be running a portathon for Android developers during the afternoon. Developers will be able to port their existing apps to the recently released Nokia X Android platform in just a few hours, and upon request also get access to the Nokia X devices otherwise unavailable in Europe. With 16 million daily downloads on the Nokia Store, this is an easy way to get extra downloads, and revenue, in addition to promotional opportunities by Microsoft themselves.

    Places on the portathon are limited so please apply here as soon as possible.

    The talks at the evening event will be:

    • ‘How To Hack A Conference’ by Arctic Startup CEO, Dmitri Sarle
    • ‘The Nokia X business opportunity and, the loyalty program for developers’ by Microsoft’s Mikael Stendahl
    • An absolutely awesome TBA speaker

    At the event you can also learn more about the new Nokia X family which provides users access to the world of Android applications, with exclusive Nokia experiences and the most popular Microsoft services. Nokia Developer offers you tools and support to develop and publish your Android applications in Nokia Store. Come and hear more at the event!

    Go here to reserve your free ticket or just register below:

    Image courtesy of Shutterstock // Helsinki