Shipitwise: Taking logistics online

The 15 in Arctic15 stands for 15 finalists of the pitching competition. We will introduce them all over coming days in reverse alphabetical order.

Shipping anything larger than a letter is a challenge for consumers on a budget. Courier charges are comparable to the cost of a plane ticket to fly over yourself, and trying to find options for cheaper deliveries can take hours if not days.

Shipitwise is building a logistics platform similar to – with a few clicks you can compare the service and you can buy it. There is no question over market opportunity: Shipitwise is after massive business, with the firm itself estimating its addressable market at over 200 billion dollars. For a market of this size, there are surely numerous rivals – including old postal services and old international couriers. The first new courier firms have also launched – Eurosender on the old continent, and Shyp and Shipbob in the United States.


What Shipitwise is offering is unique for the sector – making all couriers (big and small) and moving companies co-operate on one platform while coordinating with partners who are able to package items so that the customer won’t have to.

The team aims to build logistics chains where each stage of shipping (pick-up, packaging, transit and delivery) can be optimised and it can select different partners for routes, depending on their strengths, prices and speed.

Earlier this month Shipitwise reached its 100,000 euros target,  becoming the largest crowdfunding success in Estonia. It also became the first successful case on new Funderbeam marketplace for startup investments.