ArcticStartup's Top 15 Startups 2016

The voting is over, the jury has had its say and we have the list of the finalists of Arctic15 pitching competition next week!

There is a wide selection — 15 teams cover a very wide range of sectors and some have been out there for a couple of years while the others are yet to launch.

Having the event in Helsinki means there are quite a number of Finnish teams in the finals, but the majority of the finalists are from elsewhere – from our focus area between Iceland and Lithuania –  with especially strong representation from Estonia.

For the winner, there is a 50,000 euros investment, and other prizes.

“Making it into the finals of Arctic15 is a major milestone for any startup, these teams are joining the group which has raised more than 120 million euros so far,” said Jan Ameri, head of events at ArcticStartup. “The finals and the whole event is about fueling the growth of the new companies and this is a unique opportunity for these teams.”

Arctic15 will take place at Kaapelitehdas, the site from which Nokia and Slush have rocketed to the world fame, on June 2-3. PS. In a few hours ticket prices will go up again.

So without further adieu, the list you have been waiting for:

Authenteq is an enabler for online commerce, certifying a seller or buyer while they control the amount of information they share.
CAP Data provides analytics solutions to reveal unknown unknowns in big data, revealing security threats or service and process failures.
Deekit offers a shared whiteboard for designers (or anyone needing visual tools) working remotely.
Entocube is solving the world hunger problem with insects.
Faraday lets users rent out their own existing vehicles conveniently.
Marina Ahoy allows you to browse, book, check in-out and use mobile payments for all marina services.
Medigoo is a google for sickness, you type in symptoms and get the medical articles matching your request.
Quanturi is an early warning system to spot farm fires.
Shipitwise is building a logistics platform similar to with a few clicks you can compare the logistics options and you can buy it.
Sidewalk is building a ‘delivery robot’ for DHL and others.
Skillific is developing a  headhunting robot to help employers efficiently recruit the best talent.
Sportlyzer is a communications tool for sports teams.
Streamr is a cloud-based platform for easy automation of any kind of real-time streaming data.
Talentadore automates personalised feedback to each job candidate.
Tebo is building digital teacher’s book, a platform lets teachers create and share any content – exercises, earning videos, games.