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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Seriously hits 7 million downloads with 1 million daily active users

Helsinki-based Mobile app developer Seriously announces today some nice round traction numbers coming out of their free-to-play title, Best Fiends, in the “match shiny things together” genre. Namely, Best Fiends has reached 7 million downloads with uses spending 400,000 hours in the game.

Also promising is that Best Fiends has reached 1 million daily active players, a good milestone for a gaming company that’s working hard to keep open the entertainment brand options, using Rovio’s monetization into cartoons and physical products as a model – but with more foresight instead of slapping those monetization ideas after traction. Seriously’s CEO, Andrew Stalbow previously worked with Strategic Partnerships at Rovio, overseeing liscensing deals.

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Looking at App Annie’s statistics Best Fiends is going up and down with App Store featuring. With good promo Best Fiends is able to hit the top three download ranks in the Puzzle Games category, but without it drops down to around 70 in the puzzle category, and 1070 in the overall U.S. downloads category. On the money side, Seriously stands at #205 in the Top Grossing ranks.

Today Seriously also announces it’s bringing Best Fiends to Amazon’s platforms, giving them access to Amazon’s hardware while perhaps also opening a relationship if Seriously were to use Amazon’s streaming TV services as a platform to show Best Fiends content.

I’ve spent a good amount of time helping out Seriously’s 400,000 hours number, playing the game much more than I thought I realistically would (I never really resonated with the genre). The game’s got beautiful art and polish, the characters are kinda cool, and it’s annoying enough to keep you coming back. With those factors I’m a little surprised the game isn’t way up there in the charts, but regardless, with 1 million daily active players Seriously is poised to take players into the next part of their planned trilogy.

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