Scrive – Swedish E-Signing Service Closes Second Angel Round

    While the world has become paperless, one thing that has been lost is how to get signatures for legal documents. Scrive is a Stockholm based service for e-signing of tenders, contracts, and other documents. To use Scrive, you just have to upload you document, sign it, send it to your contractee, let them sign it digitally, and then it is saved and archived. The company just closed their second angel round on the 15th.

    An aspect about Scrive that makes it fairly unique is that it’s completely built in Haskell. The programming language is loved by academics, but has some quirks, for example, variables can’t change value. On their blog, they say the main benefit of using Haskell is that you can easily program for multiple cores, making programs more efficient.

    But there’s another method to their madness:

    “We are one of the first companies in the world to base our whole product on Haskell. Today Haskell is mainly used for limited applications such as in algorithms developed by Wall Street banks and for US government top security storage, applications where reliability is key. We chose Haskell because we see quality as a top priority. By choosing Haskell, a mathematical language with a steep learning curve, we were hoping to attract the best technical people from around the globe.”, says Lukas Duczko, CEO and founder of Scrive

    Their focus is now on Sweden, but Scrive says they will soon expand to the UK.