Mojang Releases Cobalt, First 3rd Party Game As Publisher

    The creators of Minecraft have released their first third-party game as a publisher: Cobalt.  The game is a 2D platformer with fighting robots that looks like it has similar elements to Super Smash Brothers. It should also be noted that currently there are no single player campaigns, only co-op and multiplayer. The game is only available on Windows initially, with OS X and Linux support arriving in “Beta.”

    The game was created by Oxeye Game Studio, a Swedish developer, and like Minecraft, the game has been released at alpha at a nice discount.  Their pricing model is to offer the game at at €9.95, which is 50% their planned total price when the full game is released. The full game will sell for €20 and the Beta will have a 25% discount tag.

    With this release, Mojang is also pushing their new unified Mojang account, which will allow users to use the same account for all Mojang releases.

    You can find the game here.