Rovio's Updated Ownership Structure Points To Luxembourg-Based Accel Subsidiary

    Ever since writing our, Rovio’s $42M Investment In 2011 Actually Went To Its Owners, we’ve been curious about the Angry Birds creator’s ownership structure. What’s most defining of the structure is is Kaj Hed’s near 70% ownership through Trema International Holdings, followed by Niklas Zennström’s Atomico Ventures and Accel Partners at roughly 10%.

    In May’s financial records, Accel Partners seemed to drop off and a new name was added to the list – Silavano Investments. Accel Partner Kevin Comolli tells Elina Lappalainen of the Finnish business weekly TalousElama that Accel has not sold shares, pointing that Luxembourg-based Silavano is owned by Accel.

    Rovio is expeceted to pay around €16 million in dividends this year, giving Accel a reason to look to Luxembourg for tax reasons. Accel is based in Palo Alto, with London, India, and China branches.

    At the end of May, Rovio’s ownership structure stands as follows:

    Trema International Holdings B.V., 69,67 %
    Atomico Ventures II Limited, 9,95 %
    Silavano Investments S.a.r.l., 9,95 %
    Felicis Ventures, 1,00 %
    Management & Staff 9,42 %