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Roku Bringing Angry Birds To TVs This Summer

Angry Birds fullEveryone wants Angry Birds and after invading almost all sorts of mobile and other computing platforms it is now coming to TVs this summer. (after the movie, Rio) The announcement comes as Roku, the maker of set-top boxes mentioned partnering with Rovio early last week.

The announcement also included that Roku will bring three of the existing Angry Birds games, which will come along with a new product from Roku. Other than that it will also be launching a video channel for the Angry Birds, selling merchandize through its channel. From where I look at it, Roku has the intentions of making itself the summer stop for all things Angry Birds.

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While it seems all the attention is concentrated on Rovio and its popular gaming title, the manufacturer also showed intentions of offering numerous other casual gaming titles. It will be pretty interesting to have a lot of variety on the devices, I mean I understand how addictive Angry Birds is, but you can’t just play or watch this throughout the summers. Or can you?

What Roku is not sharing as yet is how exactly is it planning to capitalize on this? The idea to have games available on the device is a definite plus point, but its existing model isn’t gaming friendly by any means. Especially the remote control, however we expect that Roku will be releasing a new device that is more gamer friendly.

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