Freespee Analytics Version 1.6 Released

    Freespee_logoFreespee, a leading call tracking and Pay Per Call solutions announced the release of Freespee Analytics version 1.6. Freespee started off as a social phone number provider, a startup that provided consumers with virtual phone numbers. The purpose was to ensure user privacy when it came to posting classified ads and other public content.

    The new version of the analytics brings numerous features and functions to its already existing platform facilitating Local Search, SME advertisers and Classifieds partners. These features include:

    • Co-branded emails with support info
    • Email and SMS notifications
    • Voicemail and interactive log
    • Better reporting
    • Dynamic pie chart

    Each of the added features help advertisers with lead management, enabling them to efficiently respond to each of the consumers who have tried to reach them.  Following is the brief description of a few features:

    Voicemail and Interactive Call log – This enables you or the advertisers to easily record a custom greeting message. The incoming voicemails appear on the leads page, these can be either be listened to over the Web, downloaded or shared via email. This is displayed using the new call log that contains list of all the calls , information related to each of the lead. Users that have access to the page can add their feedback.


    SMS and Email Notifications – Users now have the option to receive SMS notifications on their mobile devices. They can simply enter their mobile number to have this activated. Users can select what they need to be notified upon; for missed calls and or getting new voicemail.


    Co-branded Emails with Support info – Emails sent to consumers via Analytics will now be co-branded with existing partners that also have contact details for the support.


    Dynamic Pie Chart – The feature lets you see the comparison between different values. Users can select what values they would like to compare and be demonstrated the same via a pie chart.


    Better Reporting – Users now have more in depth reporting these include:

    • Sources without Traffic – This shows the sources that haven’t received any calls during a certain time period.
    • Sources and Customer Report – This shows the list of active sources along with customer information as well as list of customers.

    There is a lot more added to the Freespee Analytics and makes a pretty good follow up after they recently announced generating 2 million plus phone leads to their advertisers. They had also revamped their website back in February along with raising 1.1M Euro. It will be interesting to see how this fares in the coming months.