Repix Launches on Android After 4 Million iOS Downloads

    Repix, the photo app with a heavy focus on filters, effects, brushes, and frames has now launched on Android. Even if you’re not into insane filters and effects, the app is fun to play around with, and their users have really harnessed the app to create images that almost look like paintings or professional graphic design. The app seems to have hit its target market – Repix has received over 4 million downloads on iOS in five months. The app comes from the Helsinki-based guys behind Sumopaint, the browser graphics editor and community.

    Repix is free to download, but employs the fremium model, which allows users to purchase additional brushes or filters.

    “Since launching on iOS, the last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind,” said Ilkka Teppo, CEO of Sumoing. “It’s been great to see how the app and the Repix brushes has been received by so many people around the world and the feedback they’ve given us has been fantastic. We’ve been working hard on getting Android version ready after receiving lots of requests for it and we can’t wait for users to get their hands on it.”

    Also interesting to note is that Samsung Galaxy Note users can use their S-Pen to use the preassure sensitivity features. They’re also plugged into Samsung Galaxy S 4 Air View technology, which enables users to see the size of the brush by simply hovering your finger over the photo, which is kinda cool.

    Links for downloads can be found on their website.