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August Nordic Equity Crowdfunding Overview by Invesdor and FundedByMe

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post to alert you to the crowdfunding options in the region. Research before investing – early stage companies are high risk.

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Boom! It is that time of the month again, your monthly crowd funding overview. This time around we have a lot of great companies to choose from, be it gold mining, eating eggs or cool accessories from the Nordics.

Both Invesdor and FundedByMe are putting their best companies into the spotlight and we think that you should definitely check all of them out:

It has been a very good month for Invesdor as they managed to get a number of interesting companies onto their crowd funding site, expanded their consultant network, joined the list of Top 100 startups in Finland and participated in the Oulu Pitch Fest.

At the same time, they have shown good growth in investments for several of the companies, especially the recently joined GA90. So without further adieu, let’s explore which companies you can invest into:

As we have already mentioned, GA90 only joined recently, but they have been able to amass over 35% of their original goal.

What exactly is it? Gold mining without the actual digging. The company is planning to collect scrap mobile phones and battery waste from Africa and deliver them to their Finnish customers for recycling. What you may be surprised to learn is that you can find gold, copper, zink and other metals from this scrap. So this really is a gold rush and it explains why the company is receiving investments so quickly. So to claim that you part-own a “gold mining” company, you can join the round here.

Lumi Then there is Lumi, a company that is already successful but needs a cash inflow to grow quicker.

Lumi is basically a Finnish designer company that already has their own flagship store in Helsinki and another one in Japan. Together with their online store, they have an impressive turnover of over EUR 1.4 million of which 14% are profits. which makes the investment decision that much easier.

With the money, they are looking to open two more stores in Finland over the next two years and another two abroad. So if you like investing into solid companies, this one might be for you. You can check out more about Lumi and join the round here.

FundedByMe is also having a good time with announced expansion into Germany. They are also going to release a website very soon that will outline their learnings about crowd funding so-far, which should be an interesting read. So mark your calendars for September 14th and check out Fundedbyme.com, when the time comes.

In other news, the Finnish Beibamboo successfully raised EUR 48 209 on FundedByMe, so get ready for revolutionised baby clothes. In addition to that, they also announced that the app-crowdfunding company Sellanapp, successfully crowd funded a record breaking EUR 342 472. Oh, how meta.

In regards to what you can invest into right now, here is the break down:

First off, lets talk about eggs. Everybody likes eggs. There are a lot of things you can do with eggs, but most commonly – great and healthy breakfasts. So, why not create a fast food restaurant centred around eggs?

This is what this Swedish company is trying to do. The concept is not just a breakfast restaurant, but more generally a healthy fast-food chain. This must be a winner, so you can check it out and join the round here, which has not started yet but the amount of interest is very promising.

If you are not into eggs for some reason or other, then you might be interested in nature and Nordic design. Imagine your laptop or an iPhone in wooden cover that makes it look that much more attractive. This is exactly what Lastu is doing.

In their own words “Lastu is your way to make a statement. High quality wooden accessories for electronic devices with a traditional style.” Personally, I might not have the money to invest but I will definitely be your first client if you do. To check out more and join the round, go here.

And last, but not least from FundedByMe is “I Like Locals”, an app that is aiming to help you rethink your approach to meeting people and discovering cities. It is basically trying to help you use your mobile phone for actually meeting real people in real cities.

Which is definitely a nice change to what we normally do with them. Not only do you get to see the cities that you visit from a bright new angle, you might also find out a lot of new things about your own home turf. So why don’t you check out their pitch here?

Top Photo by Shutterstock.

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