Publishzer: Magazine Spreads For Curated Content

    Publishzer is a new content collection platform that allows anyone to view videos, tweets, photos, and blog articles in a tight, dynamic, magazine-like spread. When the service goes live, users will be able to create their own magazines or read others.

    When using Publishzer, everything feels clean and easy to use. When creating your own online magazine, Publishzer designed a buttonless interface that is intuitive and autosaves what you type. And when reading a Publishzer, you can click on images to enlarge and re-arrange content. It makes it easy to look at photos in more detail, or find more content. To view what their service looks like, check out a sample based on our Arctic15 conference.

    There are many uses for Publishizer, but one target is bloggers who would like to supplement their standard blogging platform with more of a “magazine” layout. The concept is logical; the service does naturally make you want to scroll down and dig up more content.

    By giving a platform for profesional bloggers and experts who don’t blog themselves, the company is betting on the value of curated content. In the web’s race-to-the-bottom competition for eyeballs, they believe people will appreciate cleanly presented articles and pictures– especially for niche subjects. Co-founder Teppo Hudson says, “I believe there are huge opportunities to engage with content recommended by target audience’s friends and experts.”

    And keeping with the design aesthetic, Publishzer says it would rather focus with the value in expert selected content while also looking for ways to make advertising better. Instead of putting in traditional web advertising, Teppo Hudson feels that, “banner ads are dying as a business model unless someone reinvents how to make them truly relevant as part of the content.”

    Currently Publishzer is in a controlled growth phase, where Hudson says they’re continuing to focus on service design before growing their user base.