Outracks' Fuse raises €2.47 Million for cross-platform apps

    You might roll your eyes when you hear that another cross-platform mobile app development platform has raised a couple million, but Norway’s Fuse, created by Outracks Technologies, is pulling from their deep knowledge of app development and phone hardware to make it easier for developers to make parallel versions of apps for iOS and Android.

    Now Northzone has put €2.47 million in funding raised for Fuse, which should launch their beta later this quarter. With cross-platform app development tools all over the place, Fuse is getting into a crowded market but I would bet on the company’s technical knowhow – Outracks (which is now going by the name Fuse) has good roots in the demo scene and much of the core team has come from ARM, which produces graphics accelerators for OpenGL three-dimensional rendering in mobile phones.

    “We have built mobile experiences since before phones were smart. Our team even designed graphics processors and drivers for today’s devices. We know the app development and the underlying technology behind it from all angles,” says Anders Lassen, CEO of Fuse.

    We’ve covered Outracks in last in June where they raised €2.59 million from Northzone and Alliance Venture. At that time, Outracks was talking about their beta-released Realtime Creative Suite. Fuse seems to be a more polished and focused version of this realtime studio, with an emphasis just on cross-platform apps and dropping the WebGL video side of things.

    Edit: Fuse’s Remi Pedersen lets us know Fuse will still support WebGL:

    While the focus right now is on native mobile we still have the support for WebGL (as well as a few other targets) in there. Anything built with Fuse can be exported to those platforms as well (excluding code which uses the native iOS & Android APIs of course, but that still leaves “everything visual/frontend” as well as a lot of other functionality.)