Optomeditech Helps Solve Catheter Insertion & Grabs $2.5 Million From Lifeline And Sitra

    As the Healthtech boom is picking up speed in Finland, there are more and more companies that we are really excited about. Especially when the problems they solve are as fundamental and spread as the one Optomeditech is tackling.

    Basically, inserting a catheter is one of the most simple and common procedures in healthcare. Which is especially true when it comes to invasive ones. Yet, the innovation in this department has been more or less stagnant for years.

    Remember the time you went to the doctors when they could not find your veins, or the time where it did not work and they had to restart? Well, that is very common. The number for first time attempt failures is as high as 30%. That means injury, extra costs for equipment, lost time. All of which matters a lot in healthcare.

    “Every catheter insertion attempt costs a minimum of $ 30, and there are more than one catheter inserted per person in the US each year”, commented Amiel Rubinstein, the CEO of Optomeditech.

    The solution is surprisingly simple – a guide light inserted inside the IV catheter needle, which disappears as soon as the needle tip penetrates the vein.

    The company was founded in 2011 and Lifeline along with Sitra invested $2.5 million right after they have received ISO and CE certifications for OptiVein.