Sellfy launches Sellfy Market

    Latvia/Lithuania based Sellfy launched in 2011 as the easy-to-use platform to sell digital goods through your website or social media. So if you’ve got an ebook or some digital photography that needs to hit the market, you don’t need to worry with tweaking a complicated online shop to sell it – just get the Sellfy link or embed out there and the digital assets can be delivered to your customers after a straightforward payment.

    Now Sellfy announces they’ve grown up their platform to become more of a marketplace, aptly named Sellfy Market, where they can feature their best authors, musicians, and designers to help drive more sales. The marketplace is somewhat curated by Sellfy, and the company will take the same 5% transaction fee as their traditional platform.

    “Attracting more customers for authors individually is always a hustle,” says Maris Dagis CEO and co-founder of Sellfy. “With Sellfy Market we want to add our marketing power and help our authors to become more successful. We think they should focus on the stuff they like and are good at – creating more awesome stuff!

    To date Sellfy counts 175,000 authors, musicians, designers and digital content enthusiasts in various verticals. There’s some cool stuff already in the market, like typefaces, trendy vegan ebooks, and snowboarding documentaries, so it’s well worth a visit if you’ve got some cash burning in your credit card and you want some instant satisfaction.

    Sellfy’s value proposition was to give you a simple silo to drive sales through but a similar marketplace move has been done by Stockholm-based Tictail, a more traditional ecommerce platform startup. Many sellers don’t want the Etsy approach of having your goods next to your competitors, but there’s money on the talble in creating a more browsable experience for customers.