Open Innovation 2.0 – The Biggest Innovation Trend You’ve Never Heard Of

    This is a guest post by John Cozzi for the EU’s Open Innovation Conference in Espoo.

    Everyone knows about innovation. Crowdsourcing, lean methodologies, rapid prototyping, ethnographic research, UX. All of these are interesting, progressive concepts with real world applications and results. Interestingly enough, modern innovation techniques seem to be different sides of the same coin – in short, they all harness the power of collaborative, human centric cooperation to produce concrete solutions for clearly defined problems. But what if there was a way to tie these diverse practices into a cohesive whole? Is there a grand unified theoretical framework for innovation?

    The OI2 Quadrupal Helix framework merges the process of innovation into a cohesive whole

    Step forward Open Innovation 2.0. OI2 goes a step further than previous Open Innovation incarnations. Way further. Problems and their subsequent solutions are worked upon using the Quadruple Helix framework, meaning the issues at hand are considered from the points of view of academics, government representatives, businesses and members of the public. This uniquely inclusive approach delivers solutions that are rounded, fully informed and beneficial to a wide cross-section of society. Thinking big and thinking altruistically is the future of business, and OI2 is the roadmap.

    Martin Curley, Intel VP & Chair OISPG and Bror Salmelin, EU Commission & OISPG

    In fact, the EU has mandated that OI2 is the future of Europe’s economy. Backed by legislation, a concerted drive is underway to push OI2 from policy level into the grassroots of the EU regions. Businesses that take the Quadruple Helix of stakeholders into consideration, work using a rapid prototyping methodology and aim to solve problems that have real societal merit will enjoy significant advantages over their peers when it comes to, say, securing funding from the EU.

    Dan Marom, author of “The Crowdfunding Revolution” and confirmed speaker at the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference

    The annual Open Innovation 2.0 Conference and Luminary Awards Gala is making its way to Finland for the first time this year, with the Aalto University’s Espoo Innovation Garden hosting the event from June 7-9. If you are a Journalist, blogger or an entrepreneur, you can register to attend for free here. A stellar range of speakers and innovation thought leaders have already been lined up for this year’s event, including Slush’s Mikki Kuusi, Dan Marom, author of “The Crowdfunding Revolution”, Founder of the Apache Foundation Jim Jagiekski, BMW’s Head of Design Targets Eva-Maria Boerschlein, and Markku Markkula, EU President of the Committee of the Regions.

    The world’s leading innovation experts will be arriving in Finland to discuss the future of business in Europe. Make sure your business is part of it.

    John Cozzi
    Founder and Co-Owner,

    For more information about the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference and for more general information about OI2, please click here.