€40 Billion – One Panel: How Do Investors Get Money?

    After seeing hundreds of panel discussions, you might get tired of them. Unless they bring something absolutely new to the table, as the LP Panel at Arctic15 will.

    How often do you see 40 billion worth of investors on the stage? How often do you see investors who actually spend their time investing in other investors? That is what EIF, EIB, Skandia, & TeSi do.

    For those who need to refresh, LP stands for Limited Partners and they are loosely definied as organizations or people who invest into VC’s. Limited, because they are technically partners in the fund, but have limited rights and obligations. They give the money and expect a return an investment.

    Startups are to VC’s, what VC’s are to LP’s, if that makes sense. Yes, that means that most VC’s go to LP’s, have meetings, show presentations, convince them of their strategies, pitch for money and eventually get the money which they later invest into startups.

    In the panel, we will go through the whole money cycle of how it actually trickles down to startups all the way from LP’s. To check this amazing panel on stage, do not forget to grab your tickets to the event.

    EIF & EIB

    EIF, is EIB Group’s specialist provider of risk finance to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and midcaps across Europe, EIF acts as Europe’s leading developer of entrepreneurship and innovation. They play a crucial role throughout the value chain of enterprise creation, from the earliest stages of intellectual property development to mid and later-stage. Through selected financial intermediaries, they offer SMEs and midcaps a wide range of financing solutions. EIF is one of the largest cornerstone investors of European venture capital funds and as such indirectly supports the next generation of European technology champions. They have a total of EUR 8.8bn in net commitments in over 500 European funds. Skype, Rovio, Spotify and Supercell are a few examples of the successful investments in the Nordic region.

    EIF’s Venture Capital team is currently developing and implementing new equity products and sector-specific business activities to counter the challenging market conditions and proactively create new equity financing solutions for European technology SMEs. Patric Gresko, who will speak in the LP Panel will be delighted to answer to your questions during the event. In addition, a representative from the European Investment Bank (EIB) will also be present in the event.


    Finnish Industry Investments invests both in Finnish companies directly and also through private equity funds. That includes more than 500 companies and over one billion EUR in investments. At the event, we will have the Director of Tesi, Anne Riekki.


    Skandia Liv, part of the broader Old Mutual group with over EUR 440 billion under management. They invest into bonds, equities as well Venture investments. Skandia Liv is one of the largest asset owners in Sweden with about €30bn assets under ­management. We will be joined by Natalia Ilmark, the senior investment manager of Skandia Liv.

    Fluent Digital Capital

    Fluent Digital Capital, currently under establishment, is a new specialist fund of funds focusing on European early stage and micro venture capital funds investing in digital technology. Fluent Digital has been founded by Tatiana Issaeva, former Investment Manager at EIF and Martin Hauge, former General Partner at Creandum. Tatiana will be joining us on the panel.

    The discussion is to take place on the 2nd day of the event at 10:00.

    Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // Money