One Minute Startup News: Pitch Master

Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking. 74% of people are terrified to get in front of an audience. But if you’ve got a business to run and a story to tell, one way or another you will have to face that fear and embrace the power of public speaking. Our event of the week can help you out with that.

Pitch Master will be held in NewCo Helsinki on the 22d of November 22d

If you want your message to be heard, nail your pitch at SLUSH or present yourself as the talent you are in your company or in an interview, this event is for you!

Pitch Master will teach you on all aspects needed to bring your presentation skills to the next level.

You will be coached Paul Bourne and Sara Rouvinen, are trained professionals with a theatre and business background who worked with actors and coached companies in England, Finland and all over the world.

You will learn a lot of practical things you need for a public speaking. For example, how to structure and design a clear and successful presentation. How to capture the audience with a powerful and trustworthy appearance or how to use your voice to deliver your message with meaning and credibility.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity; learn from the best and master your presentation skills with pitch master. Register here